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Architectural and Construction

KASP3R Technologies

Architectural and Construction Service

KASP3R TECHNOLOGIES is an Engineering Product Development Company Registered as a Limited liability company in Kenya. We have a rich history of bringing ideas into tangible form in a wide range of sectors.

Digital fabrication assures us of quality and again this is in-house capacity hence assurance of full control of time aspect in projects. We aim to augment in already existing consortium leveraging experience, technical capacities across the Construction Sector and add value by offering our capacity in projects moving forward. This we hope shall be from the formative stages all the way to implementation.

Design Capacity

We have a collection of over 2,000 designs ready for fabrication. The designs can be easily modified and scaled to suit the client needs in line with the client recommendations. The experience and expertise gained so far makes it easier to turn around new designs as well with minimum lead time. Here are samples of readily available designs.

Digital Fabrication (Laser Cutting) Capacity

With a 2kw laser cutting machine, we can process mild steel sheets of up to 18mm thickness, stainless steel of up to 10mm, aluminum sheets up to 8mm and copper plates up to 8mm. The high precision capacity of the fiber laser cutter guarantees the same quality of the product as in the designs.

Fabrication Capacity

With a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians we have been churning out high quality products from diverse engineering fields. We do a variety of sheet metal fabrication with carbon steel, stainless steel as well as aluminum products. As our policy we always ensure the aesthetic quality of our products correspond to the product design.

Powder coating

With an in-house powder coating booth and oven, we have the ability to powder coat our products to give them the best surface finish as well as a lasting protective coat as compared to painting. We have a wide range of colors as well from which our clients can chose from. For stainless steel we have in-depth experience in polishing, and thus very high-quality surface finish.


We have a wide array of products ranging from exterior and interior design fixtures, lighting fixtures, among others.
Balcony BalustradesModern Sliding Gates/Entrances
Lighting Fixtures
Privacy Screens & Stairway Railings

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